PatellaFemoral Syndrome

The Knee

This is a common condition affecting the knee in patients aged 25-50. PatellaFemoral Syndrome presents itself as a slow progressive  onset of knee pain (sometimes bilateral) without any initial clearcut injury. In this condition the medial components of the knee are weak and the lateral components are tight. This causes an imbalance in the quadriceps muscle, whos job it is to guide the knee cap through movement during knee flexion and extension. This in turn contributing to clicking, persistant pain especially with squatting or stairs and swelling throughout the knee. This condition is more common in females than males due to the anatomy of the hip causing a more lateral pull on the kneecap during movement. By yourself at home, follow the PRICE principle. Protect the knee joint from trauma, use rest, ice, compression with tensors and elevation during the day and at night. As well, you will want to strengthen the medial quads muscle by doing non-wieghtbearing knee extension exercises and tapping your medial quads 2 inches above the knee to facilitate recruitment during training.  Any questions?

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